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In Moldtek you will find the perfect door for all your projects, we have a wide variety of styles where we include innovative designs with excellent material, Learn more in our section Style and Innovation

Create and design custom moldings

Moldtek moldings are an excellent complement with floating floors, coatings and other applications, these are manufactured with MDF and coated with the best technology.

Protection and quality in structural panels

Modern structural panels insulating OSB plate, formed in high pressure on both sides, with a core of foam and expanded polystyrene of high density.

In Moldtek you will find options for each space

Whether you need specific or very custom moldings, in Moldtek we can make them. We have our own factory where we can make any molding that meets your requirements, so your project will have high quality products and the best production standards.

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Featured products

In Moldtek we always have innovative products either in doors, moldings or panels. We invite you to know some of our featured products.

We love what we do

The priority as the basis of our development is family, effort and perseverance. We stand out for the respect of our workers with honesty above all, delivering recognition to their achievements generating good teamwork and the fundamental thing is that our clients are very important.

Our vision has led us to be one of the most important producers in the Chilean and World industry.

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Own production

We have our own production tools, which delivers superior quality to our products. Our plant, with more than 30,000 m2 in facilities, is strategically located near the largest ports in the country, which allows us to supply almost any locality in the world in a timely manner.

Available stock

Having our own factory allows us to control our production at ease, this guarantees that our stock is always available. In addition, our distribution and warehouse center allows us to meet the needs to complete your projects as soon as possible.

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In Moldtek always work to be leaders in the market, therefore we keep updated with the news of our environment.

Uso de la madera en la construcción

El Mercurio

Por todo el globo nos encontramos en una revolución tecnológica, innovaciones en todo ámbito y renovación de materiales por elementos que ahorran tiempos y costos. La ingeniería y arquitectura no han quedado fuera de esta ola y comienzan a buscar nuevas alternativas modernas para satisfacer las mismas necesidades.

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Cutting edge technology

In Moldtek creativity and innovation are put into practice.

In Moldtek, creativity and innovation go hand in hand with our cutting-edge technology, we constantly keep looking for new techniques and tools so that our products carry a characteristic seal of quality in the purest Moldtek style

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